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  • Lucky Symbol Wine Charms

    Regular Price:


    Item # 5751

    If you've got a glass of wine in your hand, then you're already lucky. But these enamel charms are here to kick things up a notch. Filled with on-trend shades of enamel, these superstitious objects will guarantee there is enough good luck for the whole party!

    • Set of 6 enamel charms
    • Gold plated zinc
    • Identify your drink in style!
  • Mirage Stemless Wine Glass

    Regular Price:


    Item # 5757

    With it's on-trend oil slick finish, the Mirage Stemless Glass is the perfect addition to brighten up boring beverages!

    • 16 oz capacity
    • Mirage plated stainless steel
    • Complete your set of Mirage finish products!
  • Crystal Stopper and Charm Set

    Regular Price:


    Item # 5753

    Crystals and a good glass of wine have one thing in common-they both have healing properties. Share the good vibrations with the whole party with this set of 6 milky quartz drink markers and 1 bottle stopper. In relaxing pastel shades, each marker is unique just like the real thing.

    • Set of 6 charms and 1 bottle stopper
    • Food and dishwasher safe silicone
    • Great gift!
  • Fleck: Assorted Geode Stoppers

    Regular Price:


    Item # 5817

    This genuine geode and your bottle of wine have something in common-they both have healing properties. Preserve your bottle and add some energy to your bar cart!

    • Genuine geodes
    • Assorted set of gold, silver, and electroplated
    • Hand wash only
    • Beautiful gift

  • Metallic Ombre Stemless Wine Assortment

    Regular Price:


    Item # 5793

    Dress up what you're sipping down with our glitzy on-the-go wine glasses in assorted metallic ombre colors. The perfect accessory for every summer occasion from boating excursions to patio parties is drop and spill proof. What's not to like here?!

    • Available in 3 assorted colors
    • Slide top lid guarantees spill-free drinking
    • Perfect for on-the-go!
  • Palm Springs Wine Charms

    Regular Price:


    Item # 5374

    Palm trees, flamingos, pineapples, oh my! Clip on one of these Palm Springs inspired charms to each of your guests' wine glasses when you're sharing a bottle (or two) of vino. Rose gold metal and colorful enamel fills make them the perfect summer accessory!

    • Set of 6
    • Rose gold plated with enamel fill
    • Mid-century inspired
    • Great for patio parties!
  • Siren Bottle Stopper

    Regular Price:


    Item # 5413

    Beautiful, metallic greens and golds, and a little glimmer…all the best parts of a mermaid tail inspired this gold metal bottle stopper. It will keep your favorite bottled beverages as fresh and delightful as you are!

    • Stainless steel stopper base
    • Silicone seal
  • Seashore Wine Charms

    Regular Price:


    Item # 2085

    Smooth as a seashell, each of these six circular ocean-inspired wine charms is cast with a unique nautical icon (life rings and anchors and seahorses, oh my!), then filled with a different color of enamel, from pink to orange to aqua. The golden back of each charm is imprinted with a little heart — because come on, you know your heart’s always at the beach anyway.

    • Set of 6 charms
    • Enamel & metal
    • Assorted icons & colors
  • Watermelon Wine Stopper and Charm Set

    Regular Price:


    Item # 5792

    There's nothing quite like a juicy slice of watermelon (except a big glass of wine, of course). This stopper and charms set brings your favorite things together in the best way possible.

    • Set of 6
    • 6 colors of watermelon slice charms
    • Includes watermelon bottle stopper
    • Charms sit on rim of glass
    • Perfect for stemless or stemmed glassware
  • Gems Wine Charms by Blush

    Regular Price:


    Item # 5124

    Invite friends and family alike to share in the stunning affects of your newest bling. A spectrum of exquisite diamonds shine in numerous shades, gracing stemmed glassware with a strong silicone grip in a way that charms any beholder.

    • Six pearlized colors
    • Fits standard wine stems or hugs rim of glass
  • Bling Magnetic Wine Charms by Blush

    Regular Price:

    Item # 5073

    Invite friends and family alike to share in the stunning affects of your newest bling. A spectrum of dazzling diamonds shine in numerous shades, gracing stemmed and stemless wine glasses with their strong magnetic backing in a way that charms any beholder.

    • 12 jewel colors
    • Magnet attaches to glass
    • Perfect for stemmed or stemless glasses
    • Easy to remove
    • Hand wash

  • Leopard Professional Corkscrew with Case by Blush

    Regular Price:

    Item # 3099

    Okay, so it?s kind of like a glasses case, except the contents are way more fun. Pop this bold leopard-print case open to reveal a wine opener as wild as the night is about to get.

    • Stainless steel corkscrew
    • Double-hinged arm & foil cutter
    • Vinyl case

  • Illustrated Stopper Assortment by Blush

    Regular Price:

    Item # 2377

    It's pretty. It's sassy. It's basically just like you. This painted ceramic wine stopper pairs a cute design and pastel colors with exactly the right amount of cheek. It might even be worth opening a new bottle for the laugh alone.

    • Fits standard bottles
    • Metal, rubber & ceramic
    • Just a bit cheeky

  • Beaded Stemware Wine Charms by Blush - Set of 6

    Regular Price:

    Item # 2331

    These charming beaded wine glass markers are like jewelry for your glassware, designed to wrap easily around any wine glass stem. Best of all, they provide an irrefutable excuse to accessorize?and we don?t know about you, but excuses to accessorize are basically all we look for all day.

    • Set of 6 charms
    • Pliable wire
    • Colorful bead accents

14 Item(s)