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  • Mirage: Double Hinged Corkscrew by Blush

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    Item # 5147

    Dreamy iridescence spills across this superior double-hinged design, resplendent in a spectrum of kaleidoscopic color. Complete with an integrated bottle opener, 5 turn worm and serrated foil cutter, this is one winsome wine key that makes opening a bottle a brightly-colored breeze.

    • 5 turn worm
    • Double hinged for easy open
    • Serrated knife
    • Rainbow finish differs on each opener

  • Goldilocks Bow Bottle Stopper by Blush

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    Item # 4833

    Not too flashy, not too drab...just right. This pretty, preppy hair bow-inspired stopper is crafted from ceramic and glazed with a glimmering golden finish. We know your outfits always incorporate a little sparkle, so why shouldn't your wine bottle get the same treatment?

  • Ellie Golden Elephant Bottle Stopper by Blush

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    Item # 4832

    Lucky you! This cute little elephant bottle stopper (we've nicknamed her Ellie) sits happily atop your wine bottle with her trunk in the air? A symbol of good luck, and (luckily) of good wine, too.

  • Stiletto Wine Charms by Blush - Set of 6

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    Item # 3599

    These sexy stilettos with their chic heart accents are a shoe-in for cleverest style of wine charm. Hooking by the heel over the edge of any wine or even cocktail glass, their rainbow of colors (lavender! pearl! coral!) lets you and your girlfriends keep your drinks straight even if you accidentally get a liiittle tipsy.

    • Set of six markers
    • Food safe silicone
    • Hand wash

4 Item(s)