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  • Criss Cross: Bracelet Bottle Opener in Rose Gold

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    Item # 5759

    The perfect accessory for every outfit just got even better. Not only does the Criss Cross Bracelet provide a subtle pop of bling, but it’ll pop the cap off of any bottle! Who said "always be prepared" had to be boring?

    • Rose gold plated zinc
    • Removes cap from standard bottles
    • Great gift!
  • Cali Stir Sticks (Set of 4)

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    Item # 5799

    • Set of 4
    • Gold plated zinc finish
    • Glitz up boring cocktails!

  • Cali Bottle Stopper

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    Item # 5798

    Bring the coast to your kitchen, wherever you live. In shiny rose gold, our Cali Seahorse Bottle Stopper is a breezy way to save unfinished bottles.

  • Bowtie: Rose Gold Necklace Bottle Opener

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    Item # 5361

    This statement necklace has a lot to say! It's cute to look at but, there's definitely more than meets the eye. With a hidden bottle opener, you are guaranteed to become the life of the party. Who knew popping caps could be so chic!

    • Necklace bottle opener
    • Center of each side of bow opens standard bottles
    • Rose gold color
    • 30 inch chain with extender
    • Front of bow set with rhinestones
  • Gem: Rose Gold Necklace Bottle Opener

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    Item # 5359

    There's more to it than meets the eye. Let this rose gold pendant accent your outfit, and open your drinks! This, ladies, is where fashion meets function. 

    • Wear your heart on your sleeve, and your bottle opener around your neck.
    • Necklace bottle opener
    • Center of gem shape opens standards bottles
    • Rose tone color
    • 30 inch chain with extender
  • Insulated Tote Rose Gold

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    Item # 5345

    It's all about the glitz and glamour, darling! Stay fashionable and on trend with this gorgeous insulated gold wine purse, designed to store your favorite boxed wine as well as your on the go essentials - from sunglasses to makeup to that page-turning beach read that everyone's talking about. Simply stash the wine in the bottom compartment, compile your must-have accessories and hit the road!

    • Magnetic closure flap hides access to spigot
    • Insulated tote
    • Removable divider
    • Attached key chain bottle opener with matching cover
    • Comfortable padded straps
  • Hardshell Purse Bag by Blush

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    Item # 5336

    Sometimes life isn't what it seems, and this purse is no exception! With all the high-quality finishes of your favorite handbag, people will be shocked when they flip the latch and find this purse filled with a bottle of wine! Show up to your next gathering, or elevate any gift in style. Fashionistas rejoice!

    • Holds standard 750 ml bottles and some oversized 750 ml bottles
    • Snap closure band secures bottle inside case
    • Toggle closure keeps case closed
    • Chain handle and rose gold finish vinyl
    • Velvet finish on interior
    • 4 feet on bottom of bag keeps bag upright
  • Charade: Rose Gold Bracelet Flask by Blush

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    Item # 4266

    Wearing your heart on your sleeve can is not nearly as fun as wearing your drink on your wrist. Perfect for situations that require subtle sipping, this bangle flask might be the most utilitarian and stylish accessory you own.

    • Stainless steel with rose gold plated finish
    • Holds 90 ml

8 Item(s)