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  • Rhinestone High Heel Bottle Holder by Blush

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    Item # 4820

    You dress to impress, so why shouldn't your wine? Whether you're looking to elevate a bargain bottle or display a super-special one, our rhinestone-studded high heel bottle holder is the perfect way to do it. Oh, and if anyone asks, this totally doesn't count as shoe shopping.

    • Holds a standard wine bottle

  • Cheery Cub Bottle Holder by Blush

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    Item # 3032

    Roly-poly and playful, our adorable polar bear cub bottle holder comes wrapped in a festive candy-striped scarf, ready to cradle any red or white in his paws. In short, he's an instant dose of holiday cheer direct from the North Pole.

    • Fits standard bottles
    • Made of polyresin
    • Velvet backing protects tabletop

2 Item(s)